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The goal of this website is to provide the best tips, tactics and guides for InnoGame’s turn-based strategy game Forge of Empires.

What is Forge of Empires About? It’s quite simple and the clue is in the title. The idea is to forge an empire! Starting in the Bronze Age, you build your way through the ages into a prosperous city, experiencing all of history from its unique perspective.

About Advancement: How do we rise and establish our empires?

In three ways: City Management, Research and Army Management:

To progress through the centuries, and bring about a new era, we need to explore new technologies and develop our research strategy. This takes time and resources, but it will be worth it! What will follow technological progress will be innovation and the chance to build unique spectacular buildings, battle units and innovative products. The more passionately we build, the more opportunities we will have to develop and beautify our cities. Good economic skills are essential in Forge of Empires which will enable us to finance the growth of our empire.

Our settlement will develop and soon we will establish an impressive metropolis that can rule the entire continent. And part of this expansion brings the ability to increase our influence and control through sophisticated strategic campaigns.

About our Opposition: Who are our Enemies?

It is here we have a choice; we can expand our empires influence on the continent map by trading with the rulers of other lands, or by fighting them in combat. But not everything can be peaceful in Forge of Empires. We will fight for our empire through exciting battles, using a variety of units and strategies of the terrain in order to win. When we choose to fight, we are cast into battle in a turn-by-turn based strategy game. We must select the most appropriate troops; considering each troops weaknesses, strengths, health and attack stats. There are 5 units that we must utilize:

– Light units:

– Ranged units:

– Fast units: to melee units.

– Heavy units:

– Artillery units:

When we are victorious, we will obtain a sector. With the obtainment of all the sectors we obtain the province.

About our Opposition: Who are we playing against?

Forge of Empires works through single-player campaigns, against AI, and the option to compete against other players in the multiplayer mode.

If we choose to play in Player vs Player mode, we will also play via the turn vs turn strategy and the defender will be played on behalf of the player by the AI. We can only attack the same player once every 24 hours, but if we win we can plunder our opponent’s buildings and collect the coins, goods and supplies the building would have produced.

The defendant’s army does not die; after the battle, they are re-set. However, the attacker’s army is not, and all losses must be re-trained in their city.

Give your opponent a lesson in battle strategy. whatever is decided


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