Forge of Empires Game Speed: How To Run Forge of Empires Faster

Do you love to play Forge of Empires but are sick and tired of when the game runs slow? Or even, the time in which it takes to even get playing the game from the initial loading interface? No problem, Forge of Empires Tips is here to provide you with a quick article all about Forge of Empires Game Speed. Specifically, How To Run Forge of Empires Faster.

Besides the quicker the game loads, the quicker you can progress and the more you can do to be be on top of how the game unfolds. In essence, a quick running game ensures that you can be victorious in battle and make the right moves at the right time.

So without further ado, lets get into our Forge of Empires Game Speed strategies.

How To Run Forge of Empires Faster.

Forge of Empires Game Speed Tip 1: Close any existing tabs in your browser.

Believe it or not, any open tabs in your internet browser can effect your Forge of Empires game speed. This is even more important when you have open tabs that are interacting or consuming large amounts of internet bandwidth. Besides, Forge of Empires is a browser-based game after all and thus is inherently dependent on your browser speed, bandwidth and connection. So, to overcome any potential game-play slow speed, be sure to close any existing tabs in your browser that you do not need open and that could be blocking Forge of Empires from running optimally.

Forge of Empires Game Speed Tip 2: Close any Software/Programmes on your Computer/Mac/Device.

In parallel with internet tabs, and second on the list, your Computer/Mac/Device may be affecting the game speed and slowing it down. Programmes and software that consumes a lot of your Computer/Mac/Device’s processes and performance could be causing a drop in the speed of Forge of Empires. Like so, we advise that you close any programmes and software that you do not need to be open down. And lets be honest – we don’t want any pop-ups or notifications from these Software/Programmes distracting us throughout our game do we?!

Forge of Empires Game Speed Tip 3: Alter the Forge of Empires Settings

Now onto the game itself; when you manage to load the game from the initial loading interface, you have the option to edit the game settings. First locate the Cog in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Its the fourth button in the bottom row:

Forge of Empires Game Speed

Now, from the Settings Screen, you will want to ensure that you make sure all additional and unnecessary types of Animations are set to “Inactive”:

Forge of Empires Game Speed

City Animations, Animations of Other Player’s Cities and Smoke and Cloud Animations are now disabled and your game should run faster.

So there you have it, three quick and easy tips that will make your Forge of Empires Game Speed improve.

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